College Website Projects

Methodist University



North Carolina Civil War Events - College site

This website was to help me fulfill the requirements for two class projects due that semster. The one project was to come up with presentation for a new software program that was not already out the market. The other was build a website with substance to demostrate the use of HTML, CSS, and Javascript presented in class.

Being a Civil War buff, I decided to create a website of the Civil War events that happened in North Carolina throughout the war. This helped to put together a software program using the same idea. If you have not notice, the website went far and beyond the original requirements, but greatly helped with the design and development of the software program. I ended up presenting this software idea at Duke Symposium with sreenshots of the design features and functionally.


Methodist University Student Health Center

This website helped me fulfill the requirements of a building a database project for class. I presented my idea of using a web application to demonstrate the use of MySQL Database using PHP and phpMyAdmin.

Knowing the Student Health Center staff very well, they were having problems adapting to their current new software in maintaining student records for visits, immunizations and insurance. Wanting a stand alone web application that they could maintain and control access. After researching other university programs, this website was developed along with the staff to meet the requirements of separate accesses for the admin database and another for users to access and modifiy only the student record database.


Current Projects - Lake Rim Baptist Church

This website is to help a small church community to reach out with love of Christ to others through the internet. Although, it is a small and older congregation, the need to spread the message of the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ has not changed.

Having attended this church for many years, the use of new techonology and social media to reach out to others about our church has been overlooked. This website along with Facebook, will help keep others better informed of current and future events, Sunday School and Wednesday night and Sunday night Bible Study lessons. This website is updated on a weekly basis.