College Lightwave Projects

Methodist University

Lightwave 3D - Roadside Diner Ad (still)

This project using Lightwave 3D software programwas to create a still 3D image for use in an ad or design. The diner ad features the use of Lightwave to create obects of all the normal items seen on resturant table except for the hamburgers, which is just a image. Adobe Photoshop was used to add text and signs.

Lightwave 3D - LJ Design (8 second animation)

The first 3D animation project was to build a 8 second video using objects that interact with each other. The design was to simulate a operating of a simple print press printing out an logo. The camera follows the action and focuses on the logo.

Lightwave 3D - Wooden Maze (17 second animation)

The second3D animation project project was to build a 17 second video showing object reactions as they collide. The design was simulate a wooden maze game in which the player trys to manuver the ball around maze while avoiding the holes. The metal ball reacts to the tilting of the board and the bouncing off the walls while the camera follows the ball around the maze to the end of the game.